Staffing Specialists, Inc. (SSI) serves the staffing needs of hospitals and health care facilities in Nevada.

SSI provides quality health care with a pool of nursing professionals - Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants - all trained and experienced in their specialty areas.

Since established in 2001, SSI slowly and steadily grew by adhering to its ideal and vision of being a reliable partner in the health care industry - a reliable agency to health care professionals by supporting their practice, expertise and pursuit for training and advancement; and a reliable partner to hospitals and health care facilities by upholding efficiency and dedication through collaboration and teamwork.

About Us

Staffing Specialists, Inc.
is owned and operated by a group of professionals who have been at the forefront of the health care staffing industry since 1982.

SSI takes pride in having a competent and dedicated office personnel whose rich academic and professional backgrounds serve to effectively address work and day to day operations. The company constantly aims to deliver a focused and goal-oriented service for both employees and clients.

SSI is fully compliant with the State of Nevada, Department of Human Resources, Health Division, Bureau of Licensure and Certification, The Joint Commission, and federal and state regulations applicable to health care staffing.


Staffing Specialists, Inc. aims to provide the highest possible quality of patient care through our caring, qualified and experienced health care professionals.

Work Values

Staffing entails a broad understanding of medical demands and situations and the need to respond with the best health care training and expertise possible. SSI values the partnership and trust of major hospitals and health care facilities in Las Vegas. It enables the company to continually meet the challenges of health care staffing. Staffing Specialists, Inc. adheres to work values necessary to support its mission:
  • Deliver quality care in an environment of collaboration and teamwork.
  • Support the excellence, expertise, self-reliance and professional collaboration of health care profesionals.
  • Provide support for patient, patient's family and significant others in a compassionate and respectful manner.
  • Encourage self-care with respect for human dignity in a tolerant and trusting patient environment.
  • Treat patient, staff and individuals with honesty, integrity, fairness and equality.
  • Provide service that is timely, convenient and accessible.

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